Common Barriers in Recruitment

Bangalore: Hiring the best candidate is becoming a challenge for many of the recruiters. You would need to place an advertisement, sort out resumes, conduct interviews and then the hiring process. In reality this is not so easy. Recruiters actually have to pass through many hurdles while hiring a candidate. To meet the expectations of the organization, candidates need to be all rounder’s. Only education is not important. He / she should fit the organizational culture also. And you need to do it without wasting the company’s money and time.

An infographic by Phil Stewart, President, Recruitment Process Outsourcing business unit on listed outsome obstacles which a recruiter often faces while hiring a candidate. Some of the points highlight that, without proper strategy you may end up attracting the wrong candidate and that is totally a waste of time. Similarly, by using an integrated method for recruiting you can manage the number of applicants and identify the talented candidates.

Below given is an infographic following which you can easily pass through recruitment obstacles.



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