60% Indian Cos Don’t Have Basic Business Case for HR Initiatives: KPMG Survey

At a time when the disruptive business environment is driving companies to transform their human resources functions to adapt, a majority of Indian organisations remain stalled, with nearly 60% saying they do not even have a basic business case in place for HR initiatives.

These are among the key India findings of the KPMG HR Transformation Survey 2017. The India data is in line with global findings, which show 59% of surveyed executives saying that they do not have a basic business case for putting in place key HR processes.

In the past 18 months, although organisations have witnessed a rise in HR initiatives such as reengineering HR processes, about 85% of executives said this has not achieved the set return on investment, or RoI.

Between February and April this year, 887 executives from 48 countries participated in the HR Transformation Survey, with representation from 27 industries across Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Middle EastAfrica and Latin America. From India, 109 executives were surveyed.

Speaking about the India-speci fic report card findings, Vishalli Dongrie, partner, BPS-People and Change, KPMG in India, said, “Most respondents are currently involved in HR transformation.Overwhelmingly, most of them have a modest and traditional view of projecting HR transformation with systems and processes. Despite the urgency shown by CEOs, transformation is still not stirring in the context of supporting a business strategy or helping a company meet its business objectives.So, going forward, the manner in which HR addresses transformation will be pivotal.“

HR technology spends, in 89% of the cases in India, remained the same or rose across organisations since last year. The survey found that the biggest areas of investment expected for India, in 2017, are talent management, HR data and analytics, onboarding and payroll.

Most of the respondents said they believe that process and cognitive automation will drive the way HR services are offered in their respective organisations.They also said that talent acquisition, onboarding, learning and talent management are the areas where respective HRs are likely to aim and enhance in the next three years.

Source : The Economics Times

Date : 03-10-2017

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