Find your mojo at work

Your mojo is your magic power, charm and influence as a profes sional at work. Do you remem ber the time when you had it?
You were excited about your new job or project, about the opportunity and about your future. Your days were filled with energy and hope, unlike now, when you drag yourself to work and wait for the day to get over. You have lost your mojo when you feel a lack of desire or confidence in your career or job. Though you go through your highs and lows like everyone else, now is the time to recover your mojo.

Do what you like Yes, do only

what you like and outsource what you don’t. Whether personal chores or professional tasks, get someone to do the stuff that de-energises you and choose those that you enjoy. Look back on the last month and check what you liked doing most. Maybe you can make the follow-up client calls on behalf of your colleague, while he completes the sales process audit for you. When you play to your strengths, your efficiency and ef fectiveness are at your highest. The resulting success then brings your mojo back.

Change your frame

Your environment, schedule and situation impact you only in the colours in which you choose to paint them. If you change your frame of reference, your internal state changes too. Create goals and plan a path to the finish line. Change your daily schedule and you will find new thoughts emerging. Change your surroundings and work from a café tomorrow and you will discover a new approach to a problem. Reorder your priorities to focus on your dreams and not your obligations, and a newworld view will come forth.Walk and sit erect to get your confidence back. Think of new ways to generate sales leads or to market your products to find your excitement.

Play time

All work and no play do not make your day! If you have no hobby or activity in your daily life thatgives you joy, now’s the time to find one. Do something daring that you always dreamt of. Go on that overnight hike in the hills this weekend. Learn something new like playing the keyboard. When you start learning a new skill like coding, the first few days are tough, but as you make progress, the reward mechanisms in your brain kick in, restoring your energy levels every day.

Weight in gold

Does the `imposter syndrome’ trouble you?
Many high achievers and more women than men are unable to internalise theirachievements and abilities, convincing themselves that they are underserving or just lucky and will someday be called out as a fraud. To avoid this stress,vocalise your emotions to let go of them. Write down your achievements to remind yourself of the hard work that made you. Next, write down your shortand long-term goals to focus on the future.Verbally acknowledge your achievements and pat yourself each time you hit a goal!

Path less taken

Maybe it is the environment or work content that is constantly sapping your passion. Re flect on whether you are in the wrong job or the wrong firm. Perhaps you are in acompetitive team whereas you are energised by collaboration and not competition. Consider a change of role, employer or even career. Give yourself three months to figure if you like the change and leave enough doors open to get back in case the change doesn’t work out.

Inspire a fire

Are you an inspiration for someone else? If not, become one. Find people within your current circle or in a new community–a colleague or a team at work, a niece, a neighbour or even strangers. Be a giver and give generously and freely of yourself to be the most inspiring person for the community or persons you are committed to. The biggest benefit is to you because your own internal conversations change. Similarly, hang around people with mojo who inspire you and simultaneously avoid the company of those who constantly whine.

Who’s your mentor?

Do you have someone who you respect and admire in your life? Do you have access to his advice, feedback, praise and criticism? If not, find yourself a mentor like this. Put in the effort to build and keep the relationship charged. The time spent together teaches and empowers you and also gets you out of your rut and needless internal criticism.

For good meaning

The best way to climb out of failure, depression and adversity is to find meaning in every situation. The author of Man’s Search for Meaning and legendary Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl, talks about `Sunday neurosis’, where people find their lives to be empty and meaningless when the working week is over.On the other hand, when you find meaning in everything that you choose to do, you bounce back from setbacks rapidly and avoid chronic anger and frustration.

Not on my watch

Reclaim your calendar and your clock. Get your 24 hours to bow to your choosing. Author Tim Ferris says in his 4-Hour Work Week, `Ignore all information and interruptions that are irrelevant, unactionable or unimportant. Most are all three!’ This applies to your inbox, blinking cellphone, Facebook, WhatsApp and colleagues who stop to gossip with you. Getting hold of your time puts you and your mojo in the driver’s seat of the idling Ferrari racing car that is you!

Source: Economic Times

Date: 24th July 2017

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