Talent Analytics Landscape Research 2017

Talent Analytics brings predictability that HR leaders can leverage for the most complex decision making. But have companies really begun to, or are planning to invest in it? People Matters conducted a study Talent Analytics Landscape 2017 Research to gauge the state of Talent Analytics in Indian corporates and invited opinions by the industry stalwarts


Organizations today, have complex and customized human resource requirements. While these requirements vary across industries, location and size, certain common patterns related to HR tasks emerge within organizations. Leveraging such patterns across the HR functions and employee lifecycle can not only help in identifying success mantras and what works but also helps in building predictability and prescriptiveness going forward. Hence, building insights based on these patterns and translating them into actions has the power to transform a traditional instinct based HR function to a smart data-driven arm of the organizations. As the business continuously become smarter, leaner and faster, leveraging this power of talent analytics must be extremely relevant and useful for organizations, one would imagine. But the statistics tell a different story. People Matters conducted a survey on the usage trends of Talent Analytics, across a wide spectrum of organizations.  We asked critical…


Source : Peoples Matter


Date: 24th May 2017

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