Edelweiss hikes maternity leave

The Edelweiss Group has extended paid maternity leave staff can take to 26 weeks from the current 12, as it seeks to increase the representation of women in workforce and stop high-potential female employees from leaving the company. The financial conglomerate has also increased adoption leave benefits for female employees to 12 weeks, three times what they previously got.

Twenty-six weeks of maternity leave will be given to women for the first two children,said Kalpana Ajayan, head of strategic human resources. For more than two children, the leave duration will be 12 weeks. For adoption, 12 weeks of maternity leave will be granted if the child is below the age of three months. Those who use surrogates to bear a child will also get the same benefits as in adoption.

Edelweiss has introduced a programme to ensure that more women come up the pyramid. It aims to increase the share of women in its total headcount to 30% over fiveyears from the current 19%.


Source: Economic Times

Date : 9th January 2017

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