TRENDS FOR 2017 HR experts unveil the top HR trends for 2017

The world is changing at a dizzying pace. Here’s what we can look forward to in 2017,with regards to HR practices. Margaret D’Souza, head HR,Directi

1 The shift from annual to periodic performance review:

2017 will see companies doing away with the grading and rating system and moving to a regular discussion and feedback approach.

2 Use of technology:

Organisations are constantly looking for ways to automate and introduce technologies to connect with employees.

3 Increase in HR analytics to make decisions:

More emphasis on data to better understand employees. Rituparna  Chakraborty , president, Indian Staffing Federation

4 Interintra collaboration:

Siloed style of working shall make way for a collaborative approach in organisations.

5 New workplaces:

Work (out) places,working from home, pop up workplaces would come into prominence.6 Dynamic knowledge ecosystem: Organisations shall move away from the appraisal culture to a continuous feedback culture focused around mentoring. Samriti Malhotra, associate VP, global HRD, Denave 7 Digitisation and people analytics:

HR decision making will be abetted through ‘people analytics’.8 A culture of flexibility:

Year 2017 will augment the shift in organisational architecture.

9 Talent attraction and retention:

Businesses will continuously attempt to strengthen employee engagement through relationship management. Kannika Sagar, chief people officer,HCL Infosystems

10 Empowered employees:

Companies will provide more self-assessment opportunities.

11 Measuring engagement real-time:

Companies are espousing use of digital employee engagement tools.

12 Enhanced employee experience:

HR is enhancing employee experience through improved work spaces.Bradley Loiselle, CEO,betterU

13 Regular upgradation of employees’ skills:

E-learning is being adopted by the corporate sector for training of employees.

14 Controlling attrition:

The most agile and swift way to retain employees is by giving the employees a reason to stay beyond their salaries.1

5 Data-driven recruitment:

Employers will be looking at a seamless way to connect all the employee data,from sourcing to hiring.Naresh Kumar Pinisetti, president HR,Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation

16 Encouraging employees to learn:

Continuous learning based on exposure, environment, education and experience would be more widely used.

17 Increased use of social media for recruitment:

Social media will continue to pay an increasingly important role in attracting talent.


Source:-The Times of India-Mumbai

Date:-4th Jan,2017-Mumbai

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