Hard at work, but on social media

Surfing During Office Hours Cuts Productivity By 13%: Study

Employees are spending on an average 2.35 hours on social media during working hours, much higher than the 1.15 hours being spent outside work, according to a survey conducted by HR service company TeamLease. The company says this results in huge loss of official resources, while about 13% of the total productivity of an employee is estimated to be lost.

The report, based on a survey of executives from companies across sectors like pharma, automobile,data analytics and engineering design, noted that the extensive use of social media was also resulting in an increase in loss of confidential information, defamation of companies, misinformation and employee solicitation.

More than 32% of the total time spent on social media was found to be used for personal work by the employees every day. “It is a time sink,“ the CEO of a learning and development company is quoted as saying in the report. “People get inafter lunch hours and then lose themselves on social media.We estimate to be losing aro und 20% productivity because of this juvenile behaviour.“

Facebook was the most visited social media platform.Out of the 62% employees who accessed social media during work hours, nearly 83% spend significant time on Facebook.

Kunal Sen, senior VP, TeamLease Services, said, “Social media comes with its own inherent merits and demerits. In fact, indulgence in social media and the resultant slacking is a testimony of pastimes getting more interesting than work.Rather than blindly instituting rules, organizations should get to the root cause of the misuse and devise policies that make work more challenging.“

An employee engagement manager at an advertising firm is quoted as saying, “ At first we thought creative minds need to be set free and not restrained by curbs on social media usage.However, two years down the road we have had to clearly lay out acode to govern the use of social media at work.“

But a senior manager at a tech startup differed: “By virtue of being a startup, with its high-pressure work environment, we leave it to our people to mix fun and work.“

Source : The Times Of India

Date : 19-10-2016


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