5 WAYS TO Deal With Overwhelming Workload

Competition at the workplace often leads to a huge workload. Rica Bhattacharyya speaks to HR managers on dealing with it.

1 Chart Execution Plan

People tend to jump into execution when there are too many tasks at hand, without sparing time for planning. “To deal with workload, it is essential to plan your day,“ said Sudhir Dhar, director (human resources), Motilal Oswal Financial Services.Think of those key tasks that would help in achieving your goal. You may bucket it into timeline-based tasks, urgent for key stakeholders, tasks that need support and those where you can work independently.Think of the best way to execute instead of working thoughtlessly, he said.

2 Share the Workload

While you may have an endless task list, it is prudent to check the areas where you may require resource and support. “Think about people with whom you can collaborate to execute it smoothly,“ said Dhar. Swapnil Kamat, founder of Work Better Training, said, “No one can do it all, and it is perfectly acceptable as well. Delegate tasks that are not urgent or important and the ones that can be handled equally well by others.“

3 Get Organised

There are many tools available to get organised, set reminders, prioritise, collaborate. “Many people, even today, do not use simple tools like calendar, to-dolist, forms, surveys, forums, templates, libraries, wizards and sharing applications.One has to explore and adopt the ones that suit one’s needs the best,“ said Aditya Narayan Mishra, CEO ­ CIEL HR Services.

4 Work Smart

While there can be no substitute for hard work, smart work can help. “There are tasks which may require your attention and creativity, while others which you may replicate as done before. Identify those tasks and utilise your time for the important work that would create value and help in achieving your goal,“ said Dhar.

5 Relax and Stretch

Feeling bogged down with work is possibly a natural occurrence for most of us. “One needs to relax first and let go pent-up feelings and emotions,“ said Mishra. Some recommend a walk outside the office or workstation, a short nap, a good night’s sleep, a movie, time with friends or whatever helps you relax. Kamat said, “If you start feeling overwhelmed, the first thing you should do is to move away from your work space, go for a short walk and take deep breaths.“ This will help clear your mind and allow you to focus.

Source : The Economic Times

Date: 04-10-2016


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