President stresses on need for research in homeopathy

Stressing the need for research in homeopathy, President Pranab Mukherjee today said alternative medicine proved to very effective in certain cases.

Speaking at a programme to mark 150 years of homeopathy by Dr Prasanta Banerji homeopathic research foundation here, he said basic research and scientific analysis were necessary, so that homeopathy could be taken to an advanced stage.

The popularity of homeopathy is increasing day by day and it is now considered as the most accepted form of alternative medicine, he said, adding it is also being recognised in India.

Mukherjee said to ensure minimum healthcare services for everyone, experts had agreed that there was a need for alternative medicinesystem based on science.

“For skin diseases, problems of children and nervous system, the treatment can be very effective if it is done under homeopathy,” the President said.

Eminent homeopath Dr Pratip Banerji said there was a need for homeopathy to shed it’s mythical garb and come forward and offer itself to scientific scrutiny.


Source: ETHealthworld

Date: 23rd August, 2016


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