5 WAYS TO Disrupt Traditional Workplace Hierarchies

With millennials accounting for a large part of today’s workforce, it has become imperative for companies to bring flexibility and agility into the work culture. Organisations that challenge traditionalwork hierarchies and look to bring in disruptions will find that transparency will thrive, communication will become more fluid and employees, at large, will be motivated to work better. Brinda Dasgupta has tips from experts on how this can be done.

1 Open-Door Policy

Ensure that you are accessible to employees and that they do not have to go through various channels in order to reach you. “When senior leaders maintain an open-door policy for employees to approach them and have meaningful discussions. Sharing of information also increases and speed up decision-making,“ says Vlasta Dusil, head of human resources, SAP India.

2 Communication

Easy accessibility and open channels of communication are essential towards disrupting hierarchies, says Sriram Vaidhyanathan, chief human resource officer, BankBazaar. “The more the staff has an insight into the vision of the firm and the strategy to implement that vision, the higher is the chance ofgetting them to deliver on that,“ he says.

3 Reverse Mentoring

It’s important for learning to be a two-way street. “Reverse mentoring allows experienced managers to learn from millennials about their perspective on the industry, technology trends and customer expectations. This helps reduce inhibition amongst employees while giving them face time with leaders and vice versa,“ says Dusil.

4 Use Technology

Leverage technology to your advantage, for it can break down silos and bring about collaboration and exchange of thoughts. “Use social media in a big way, not only to spread information but to also encourage the erstwhile `junior’ colleagues to contact you directly,“ says Swapnil Kamat, founder and CEO, Work Better Training.

5 Get Feedbacks

It is imperative to allow a system of open 360 degree feedback, feels Kamat. “If you as a leader are keen to give feedback, learn to accept it from your co-workers as well,“ he says. An openness in communication will ensure that core concerns and relevant information reach the management, says Vaidhyanathan.


Source: Economic Times

Date: 16th August 2016


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