5 WAYS TO – Efficiently Lead a Virtual Team Meeting

Virtual team meetings are increasingly becoming the norm in large organisations that have employees stationed in different locations. Brinda Dasgupta brings you tips from experts on how to make a virtual team meeting go smoothly and efficiently.

1 Get the Basics Right

It is essential to have a common purpose and alignment of organisation and team goals with individual goals to have the right synergy. “Establish rituals and choose a suitable technology based channel of communication, as these are key to successfully conducting a virtual team meeting,“ says Shirin Salis, vice president-HR at Ingersoll Rand India.

2 Plan Ahead

Every virtual team meeting should follow a certain rhythm and protocol. “Plan ahead by sending out written communication and agendas well in advance, and make sure attending colleagues have all the relevant information with them. This helps everyone be prepared for the meeting, thereby ensuring the process goes smoothly,“ says Yuvaraj Srivastava, chief human resources officer at MakeMyTrip.

3 Manage the Time

Depending on how large your team is, ample time will be spent on discussion of agenda points. “Set a protocol for speaking and keep duration guidelines in mind for each team member.It’s important to ensure that every colleague gets the opportunity to talk and voice his or her inputs,“ says Srivastava.

4 Have a Clear Direction

It is a good idea to spend some time chalking out the key discussion points before each team meeting, to efficiently utilise the time. “Virtual teams need a manager who communicates a clear direction, goals, roles and responsibilities, besides removing all ambiguity from the process and rules of engagement,“ says Kunal Sen, senior vice-president at TeamLease Services.

5 Engage with Colleagues

Virtual team meetings can have their own set of challenges, but these can be circumvented by spending time on building relationships and learning about team members’ capabilities. “Engage team members in the development of team strategy and provide time for team-building through cross-team projects. Also, allow different team members to lead virtual meetings,“ says Salis.


Date: 29th July, 2016

Source: The Economic Times


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