5 WAYS TO GO – Drive Openness & Accountability at the Workplace

It is imperative for organisations to have a healthy and transparent work culture, which ensures that employees are aligned to the company’s vision. It is the onus of the company leadership to regularly communicate with employees, exchange ideas and thoughts, get feedback, and build trust. ET’s Brinda Dasgupta has suggestions from the experts on how leaders can drive openness and accountability, thereby contributing to a transparent work culture.

1 Walk the Talk

For an organisation to be truly transparent in its methods of working, it is imperative that leaders manifest their own trans parency and encourage it in the attitudes and behaviours of team members. “Leaders must inten tionally nurture their relation ships with their subordinates and ensure that enough intervention is provided to fulfil their profes sional requirements. Start by building credibility at the person al level,“ says Sandeep Gandhi, chief HR officer, Aircel.

2 Fairness at All

Times Demonstrate trust and fairness at every level of the company. “Key organisational policies and pro cesses -like hiring, appraisals, re wards and manner of dealing with code of conduct violations must be administered with hon esty across the life-cycle of em ployees,“ says Deodutta Kurane, group president­human capital management, YES Bank.

3 Honest Conversations

There is no better inspiration than a leader who is willing to be equally honest with good news and bad news. “Hold on to tough conversations to avoid loss of confidence and security.

Evading direct discussions around issues creates a climate where employees hold back in giving their full commitment,“ says Gandhi. “Communicate promises clearly and explicitly so that there are no misunder standings.“

4 Involving Employees

Make sure your employees are aware of organisational deci sions and updates. “Share com pany results, share the back ground on certain business decisions and the impact in the near term, and talk about how close or how far the company is from its vision and mission,“ says Asha Poluru, chief-people experience (HR), Altimetrik.

5 Communication as a tool

Use formal and informal com munication channels and net works to percolate the message of transparency. “Communica tion must be honest, open and two-way. Creating and encour aging open channels of commu nication and feedback is in itself a significant endorsement of transparency,“ says Kurane.

“Deploying an internal social platform for collaboration and creating communities within this platform helps build net works and enable channels of communication whilst providing intelligence on the pulse of a workforce in real-time,“ says Poluru.

Source:Economic Times

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