5 WAYS TO Employees’ Emotional Wellbeing

The emotional wellbeing of employees is something that organisations cannot ignore. While some people have it in them to tackle stress, others can do it with some support. And this is where an organisation can play a crucial role.

1 Work-Life Balance

It is necessary that firms push for work-life balance. It is quality that matters after all and not quantity.A happy employee will give her his best even in fewer work hours. “Allow flexi-timings at work for one day in a week at least,“ said Neeraj Tayal, CEO of TaxiVaxi.com.

2 Positive Office Environment

Organisations should take all necessary steps to create an environment for everyone to grow and work positively. Spread positivity in the office and try getting rid of any viciousness. “A positive work culture is one with clear vision and purpose, and where staff is aware of their individual contribution,“ said Premlesh Machama, managing director of CareerBuilder India.

3 Engage With Employees

Connect with employees even if it means walking that extra mile. A flat organization, where communication is open, helps to have a healthy relationship between employee and the management. “Have brief lunch coffee sessions with the team and try to talk about their personal life and connect more,“ said Tayal. One-on-one chats with employees make them feel wanted.

4 Offer Job Assurance

It is a boost for an employee when he or she is appreciated for the task. Besides a token of appreciation, an employee also yearns for security. “Job security, especially the feeling that the job itself may be at risk, is a significant source of stress for employees and tends to impact far beyond job performance, to the home and family lives of staff members,“ said Machama.

5 Communicate and Connect

Communicate to employees every step and achievement of the organisation. Keep them connected with the firm’s long and short-term goals. Instant gratitude and recognition of employees’ efforts and support means a lot to them. “Good communication encourages a positive work culture, which helps to promote well being,“ said Machama.

Source: Economic Times

Date: 14th June 2016


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