‘’How Green Are You?’’

A look at how brands, new and old, are going green to save the planet and themselves

“Corporate Social Responsibility“.“Well Americans don’t care for much of anything land and water the least And animal life is low on the totem pole with human life not worth much more than infected yeast Americans don’t care too much for beauty They’ll shit in a river, dump battery acid in a stream They’ll watch dead rats wash up on the beach and complain if they can’t swim“ ­ The Last Great American Whale, Lou Reed

Even in a discography bristling with rage, this track from the New York album would easily make it to a list of Lou Reed’s angriest songs. Unfortunately Reed’s words can apply just as easily to a lot of Indians. For proof, take even a cursory glance at our cities, choking under smog, our clogged, polluted rivers and our hill stations, national parks, beaches and heritage sites, carpeted over with fast food wrappers, carelessly discarded bottles and other more indescribable detritus.

But as Chandra Bhushan from the Centre for Science and Environment tells Brand Equity, concern for the environment is not and should not be considered an indulgence or a fad.

In this issue, we speak to brands -long regarded as being the root of the problem, who are now hard at work trying to be part of the solution. We look at how a new generation of entrepreneurs are putting the environment at the heart of their businesses. In this issue we learn that while recycling is cool, `upcycling’ is cooler. We have articles from a few people at the vanguard of the fight for the Indian environment.And interviews from a few who’ve helped people win some of those fights.

While memories of World Environment Day (the 5th of June) are already receding, we hope to leave you with a few thoughts and perhaps even the beginnings of an action plan to make things better.Because for people who care about the planet we live in, World Environment Day never really ends.

Source:- The Times of India (Mumbai)

Date   :- 8th June, 2016


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