The right man for the job

Sudhakar Adapa, Founder and CEO, Talentvouch is a man on a mission, looking to leverage the power of the crowd for smarter recruitment

In this day of age of widely available social media, how strong a tool is it for recruiters when it comes to getting the right candidate?

Social media is a double edged sword. While it captures the entire digital footprint of the candidate, the challenge is how to make sense out of the humongous amount of data that social media throws in. The other challenge is social media throws in data which is not validated, like for example a candidate can boast of a skill but how do you know whether he actually possesses that particular skill?
So the challenge for the recruiter is not data but validation of the data, if you can get that equation right then social media is a great tool for recruitment.

Social hiring as a practice is gaining wide acceptance. What would you say inspired to venture down this path of converging recruitment with a digital means of doing so?

Recruitment globally not just in India but globally is broke. It largely has been untouched by the digital revolution till date in a significant way but for small bit of hiring via social media.Talentvouch is a disruption in the recruitment space, Talentvouch leverages the power of the crowd in two ways; one, by leveraging their social networks to refer candidates and the other leverage their knowledge to validate the skills of referred candidates.So it’s not just data but validated data backed by the domain knowledge of the crowd.

So essentially Talentvouch is an innovation on two fronts on sourcing and validation which is a potent combination which harnesses the power of the crowd. While we are already operating in the human resources segment in recruitment and training, we believe Talentvouch has the potential to be a game changer in the recruitment not just in India but globally as well. We have set ourselves an audacious goal of building a global consumer internet company out of India and with Talentvouch we believe we have a good shot at it.

Source: The Times of India (Mumbai)

Date: 26-05-016



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