How can women leaving the workforce be retained?

“Indian women are increasingly pursuing higher education and opportunities in the workforce, but then dropping out in huge numbers, creating a `leaking pipeline’ of female talent. Keeping Indian women in the workforce is an important goal. There are clear economic benefits to the country and to companies.

But the pressures pulling them out of the workforce are many, and they are complicated. Social and cultural expectations in India burden women with a proportion of unpaid, family care related work that makes it difficult to sustain careers outside the home. Without wholesale changes in government policy, within corporate HR frameworks, and at the family level, there is no way to correct some of the dramatically skewed labour force participation rates and wage disparity gaps that we’re seeing. And only once women are truly on par with their male counterparts in the workplace -and supported in the home by their partners and extended families -will we see them making unencumbered choices about their careers.

The Swaddle is trying to educate people around some of the complexities that women face when juggling careers and families. We can only hope that it will bring about a larger discourse about a complicated issue.“


Source : Economic Times

Date: 10th May 2016


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