RBS Rolls Out Female Leaders Talent Programme in India

The Royal Bank of Scotland in India has rolled out a `Determined ­ Female Leaders Talent Programme’ ­ aimed at nurturing its high-potential female talent into the business leaders of tomorrow.

The new framework has been designed to meet the customised needs of women using a combination of learning opportunities, mentoring, networking and specifically created development tools. These will then be further tailored to the individual’s requirements The initiative was piloted in the finance team of RBS India in2015, where more than 20 women participated and reviewed the activities, subsequently reporting increased confidence, knowledge, motivation and career satisfaction.

“The key to the success of this programme is in having open and willing participants, who are able to self-reflect, share their own personal experiences and interact with the learning on offer. We are already tailoring and evolving the underlying activities to the co hort needs,“ sa id Dipali Sheth, country head of HR, RBS India.

“The women who participate in the programme are identified on the basis of parameters such as consistent performance, ambition, stated career aspirations and re commendation from the business manager,“ she added.

Ruchi Arun, head of diversity & inclusion for RBS India, added: “We noticed that while there were many women iden tified as `talent’, there was a discrepancy in how many of these moved into the most senior positions. We designed this programme to further empower our female colleagues.“

The programme in itself takes participants through a variety of stages including selfdiscovery , imparting skills in the area of communication, problem-solving, decision-making and networking and relation building.There is both internalcoaching and external networking while line managers, on their part, are put through mentoring workshops.

Through initiatives such as this, RBS aims to have over 30% female representation in the bank’s top three leadership levels by 2020 with the expectation that more diverse teams will help support its strategy and bring clear advantages to business performance. The long-term aim is to have a 50:50 balance at all levels by 2030.

Source : Economic Times

Date : 06-05-2016


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