50% farmers must get crop insurance in 2 yrs

Impressed by the enthusiasm of the youth to launch new ventures, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the recently held ‘StartUp India’ programme had dispelled the notion that startups were only about IT and added that he was so amazed by the initiatives taken by youngsters in various fields that he would repeatedly like to speak about startups the way he talks about cleanliness.

“It is the common thought that startup means something related to IT, a sophisticated business.

This illusion has been broken after the event on startup. Startups around IT are only a small part of it…

Startups bring immense opportunities,” Modi said in his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

He gave a number of examples where the youth had launched startups in different parts of the country and appealed to the youngsters to share those concepts with him so that he could talk about them in his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ again and again. “Your entrepreneurship is our inspiration,” Modi said.

During his address, the PM also pitched for expanding the base of the recently announced crop insurance scheme so that at least 50% of farmers were covered under it in two years. He also highlighted benefits of the scheme where farmers would have to pay very low premium. He said that for years there had been talk of crop insurance but “not more than 2025%” of the country’s far mers were able to benefit from such schemes.

“Can we take a pledge that we should connect at least 50% of farmers to this scheme in two years? I need this help from you.

Because if a farmer joins the scheme, he will get huge help during a natural calamity,” the PM said.

In his nearly 30-minute broadcast, Modi also talked about cleanliness and beautification efforts being made in the country as also the upcoming South Asian Games to be held in Guwahati.

Referring to efforts to beautify places like railway stations, bus stands, temples, mosques and churches, besides keeping them clean, he asked people to send photos displaying this endeavour.

He appealed to people to keep statues clean as a mark of respect to departed leaders.

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Raj women spin success story with solar charkhas

Jaipur: Weaving khadi with solar charkhas has changed the lives of 50-year-old Geeta Devi and 40-year-old Komal Devi of Rajasthan’s Dausa. On Sunday, they received accolades from PM Narendra Modi on Mann Ki Baat. The khadi commission had conducted a training programme on the use of solar charkhas that the duo attended. Both felt this innovative version of the charkha was easier to use. –Ashish Mehta

PM: `Beti Bachao’ has worked well in Haryana

New Delhi: The number of female births in Haryana is rising fast as the `Beti Bachao, Beti Padao’ campaign has brought about a “real“ societal change there, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday, hailing the state which is notorious for female foeticide. Modi, while talking about the Republic Day celebrations, said a unique experiment was carried out in Haryana and Gujarat this time.

Source : The Times of India

Date : 01-02-2016


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