Success mantras for the New Year


As you race towards the New Year, here are five career resolutions that can help you take strong leaps towards success.

Add a skill: More the skills you possess, greater will be your potential to grow. Identify a skill you would like to possess and that would help you add value to your work. It could be technical skills like advanced Excel, a new softwarelanguage, domainrelated skills, etc.With organisations transforming and adapting to the digital world, they value ‘technologically sound employees’ who can add value and transform the workplace into a highly productive environment. Also, while making a career resolution, you may want to look at being proficient in soft skills since it is very rightly said that technical skills may get you the job, but soft skills can make and break you as a manager. Hence, focus on skills like communication, negotiation, team management, time management, etc. List down the competencies you would require to reach there and build towards acquiring them.

Sharpen your skills: When it comes to development, often people end up focusing on their weaknesses and continue being average. Instead, define your key skills, embrace what you are good at and display it.

Yes, it is necessary to work on your weaknesses, however, spend more energy on building your strengths. For example, you may be a good orator, but how can you improve further on your presentation skills? Work towards it. Also, remember you will be perceived on the basis of the displayed potential.

Your boss i may not be aware how good you are with Excel or l relationship building or team management; display it in your work.

Self-development: While building on the professional life, people tend to neglect “self“ development.You can only be successful when you become a pro at balancing both, your personal and professional time.This includes focusing on health, meditating, reading, giving time to self, quitting a bad habit, overcoming a fear, etc.

Personal growth should definitely be one key resolution you make if you have not already put one in your list. My personal suggestion make it a habit of reading one book every month. Reading books enhances your knowledge, broadens your perspective and helps in self development.

Networking: Adding another 100 people to your social network would add no value if you aren’t able to build a relationship with them. So, I would rather use the word “relationship building“ here instead of networking.While you make a resolution of “relationship building“, two key points to focus on are “who“ and “how“. In the journey of building your career, “whom do you know“ becomes very critical. Hence, list out the key people you want to connect with on a regular basis and plan on how you are going to engage with them. It could be tracking their birthdays and anniversary or sharing some good reads with them. Remember, having a personal connect is what counts.

Transfer skill: One key characteristic of a leader is developing his people. So, work towards transferring skills to your team members or subordinates. During the course, encourage the team members to do the same; this will help in exchanging and acquiring new skills.

Most career resolutions fail due to a lack of focus. So zpick up 4-5 goals and set timelines goals without timelines are not achievable.

Focusing on these resolutions will help you create an endless spectrum of possibilities.

–The author is director head HR and admin, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd

Source : The Times of India

Date : 06-01-2016


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