5 WAYS TO – A Guide to Office Etiquette

Even as companies try to relax work policies for professionals and try to change status quo, some ground rules on what to do and what not to do still exist.
Being mindful of those can help one get better at office etiquette.
Anumeha Chaturvedi tells us.

1 Appropriate Dressing

While some companies seem to be relaxing dress codes for employees, there are some fine lines which shouldn’t be crossed. “I am completely for dressing comfortably and in business casuals -not being bound by ties and jackets. Having said that, office wear should be subtle and professional. Torn attire, apparel with obsceneoffensive messages don’t belong in an office,“ said Sabah Adil, talent head of Aegon Religare Life Insurance.

2 Maintain Eye Contact

Swapnil Kamat, founder and CEO of Work Better, said some of the bigger concerns around office etiquette these days are looking into your computer or smartphones when someone is talking as it’s disrespectful. “Be receptive to those who are talking and do not look elsewhere,“ said Kamat.

3 Mind Your Language

Adil said one must ensure that one is using the right words and tone, at the right time. “Don’t lose your cool and bash people up with your words. The same goes when you are drafting emails -they don’t carry your emotions, so watch for what you send,“ she added.

4 Be On Time

While one is often at the mercy of traffic these days, try and keep your commitments and appointments as much as you can. Wasting someone’s time is disrespectful. “Plan and help others plan by giving them enough advance notice for a meeting,“ said Adil.

5 Be Responsive

Some companies are moving away to an open door culture, and are designing workspaces keeping that in mind. “Everyone has smartphones these days, and it would help to keep yours on silent or vibrator mode to avoid disturbing others,“ said Kamat. Acknowledging missed calls, and mails is also important. “Basically, respond to people when they try to connect; you may not always be able to resolve all their queries or answer positively but a response gives closure to a correspondence,“ Adil explained.

Source : Economic Times

Date : 23-10-2015

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