5 WAYS TO – Motivate Millennial Employees

Almost 60% of the country’s population comprises millennials, which means they account for a major chunk of the workforce. It is therefore imperative for companies to regularly engage with millennials. Brinda Dasgupta shows you how to motivate your millennial employees.

1 Disrupt Tradition

Millennials want to approach problems from unexplored angles. Senior management can disrupt traditional hierarchies and dress codes to make them feel more comfortable, motivating them to work better.“Interactive and unmoderated social networks can be used to communicate with seniors; these provide a democratic platform for interaction,“ says Kiran Aidhi, director-HR, Virtusa Corporation.

2 Provide Flexibility

Millennials demand flexibility, and are usually more productive if given the opportunity to occasionally work remotely. “A flexible work policy allows balancing of work and life priorities, which is a big need for millennials,“ says Savitha Shivsankar, associate director -HR, Mondelez India Foods.

3 Create Trust

To inspire the millennials in your workforce, you must gain their trust. “A bottoms-up approach to policy-making and driving processes by employees is necessary to engage people of all generations and take their perspectives into account,“ says Vibha Shukla, director and head -HR, SAP India.

4 Promote Fairness

Openness and transparency in all decisions is needed to motivate millennials, who dislike dishonesty in any form. “It is necessary to promote a work ethic that encourages everyone to operate as owners and creates accountability with responsibility,“ says Shivshankar.

5 Engage Deeply

With millennials being a critical part of every organisation, senior management needs to ensure deep and sustained engagement with them. “Early talent programmes can train and sharpen acquired skills they also bring to the table innovative offerings for soft skill development,“ says Shukla.

Source: Economic Times

Date: 1st September 2015


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