In Search of Happiness

Happiness constantly eludes one who is dominated by base instincts and, in the process, suppressing the inner voice of conscience. Most people have tried to attain happiness by ignoring their conscience that keeps reviewing all their good and bad actions on a constant basis. To gain true happiness, it is imperative that we do not violate the laws that constitute the very core of our existence.

So long as we continue to indulge in negative practices, for example, to earn money through unlawful means, so long as our aspiration is to amass wealth by any means, we can never attain to true happiness, because we have deviated from the path of righteousness.

We tend to make happiness too complicated an affair. Most people are governed by the understanding that happiness can be derived by doing something on a grand scale; from making a big fortune; and from ostentatious display of wealth with the purpose of showing off one’s affluence and high status in society .

But happiness can be attained from the simplest and most unpretentious things. Pleasure can never be forced; it must come in a natural way , from uncomplicated living. One often hears the statement, “He has the money , but can’t enjoy it.“

Helping others without expecting anything in return; acts of kindness towards animals; conducting oneself with humility; performing one’s duties with sincerity; protecting the gifts of nature; living in a spirit of togetherness with fellow beings -all these are what constitute true happiness.

Source: Economic Times

Date: 21st August 2015

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