Apollo Munich unveils health insurance for dengue – Mayur Shetty Mumbai

Given the rise in dengue cases year after year during monsoons, Apollo Munich Health Insurance has launched a policy which covers only this mosquito-spread ailment. The policy targets uninsured workmen, for whom cover can be bought by employers, and also existing policyholders who need not lose their accumulated no-claim benefits because of a bout of dengue.

So far, insurance covers targeting single ailments have been aimed at critical illnesses such as cancer. This is the first time that a cover is being launched for an infectious non-critical illness. Dengue Care provides Rs 50,000 worth hospitalization cover and Rs 10,000 towards outpatient treatment and is available for a premium of Rs 444.

The only exclusion under the policy is that there is a 15day wait period to exclude those who have already been detected with the disease. “We wanted a product that is very easy to buy for any age group without medical tests and the process of usage is very simple without any conditions,“ said Antony Jacob, CEO, Apollo Munich Health Insurance.

According to Jacob, the launch has been timed keeping in mind that dengue cases peak during the monsoon. “Everyone wants a good monsoon. But every year the rains bring with them a slew of mosquito-related diseases such as dengue,“ said Jacob.

The company is targeting both first-time buyers of health insurance, particularly those who cannot pay the couple of thousand rupees for a basic health policy , as well as existing health insurance policyholders. “Most of the people who have bought health insurance cover for the last 10 years have an average sum insured of Rs 3 lakh and those who are in good health would be having the full bonus sum insured. Why would anyone want to but a Rs 1.5-lakh bonus sum insured for a Rs 35,000 claim,“ said Jacob.

He pointed out that a large number of dengue cases are unreported and estimated to be around six million.

Source : The Times of India

Date :28th July 2015

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