5 WAYS TO Apply for a Job with a Startup

A startup is all about living life on the edge, with stretched work schedules and dynamic work targets defining the culture.Talent suited for a startup is not easy to find -they are defined only by attitude. Prachi Verma Dadhwal brings you tips on how you can tip the scales in your favour.

1 Be Present on

Social Media Startups rely heavily on social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to find potential candidates. “This is an interesting tool most of us use. In fact, many send in their invites through these sites,“ said Ashish Kashyap, CEO, Ibibo Group.

2 Sell your

Experience Previous entrepreneurial experience or desire is a huge plus. “We would love to have more people who can think independently and take complete ownership -like entrepreneurs,“ said Urban Ladder’s director -HR, Geetika Mehta.

3 Give Feedback

Another way to make a good impression while looking for a job at a startup is to try its product or service. Loopholes in the service should be pointed out. “This gets 100% attention of the recruiter. There is no way this person will not be selected,“ added Kashyap.

4 Show Passion

for Work Passion for work is a certain draw, irrespective of your experience. “Startups are a growing sector with a huge potential. We look for passion in an employee rather than experience,“ said Tanuj Khandelwal, cofounder, TinyOwl.

5 Promote your Creativity

Thinking out of the box acts a magnet. “A creative bent of mind displayed by someone during their early interaction with us is a big plus. They could even write their cover email or resume in a creative manner,“ said Mehta.

Source : The Economic Times

Date : 17th July 2015


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