A 30-day feedback can help capture pain areas early in an individual’s tenure and reduce employee turnover

The first day at work is full of excitement, jitters and aspirations of the new recruit. Along with the avalanche of information that flows in the first few days, it also paves the way for creating the first impression about the organisation on the whole. Dr TK Mandal, VP HR, JK Paper Ltd shares his views on the impact of a positive on-boarding experience for the organisation, “If we can make an employee feel deeply touched with our welcome, especially during the first few weeks, chances are that he would be an engaged employee and more importantly , would remain a tacit spokesperson for the company even after a job change.“

The evaluation practice popularly known as `30-day feedback’ is increasingly gaining momentum basis the studies conducted. It is also being considered a sincere effort to restrict infant attrition. Efforts are made to not only make the new hire feel comfortable, but also makes him feel valued and a part of the new organisation. The preparation to have the basics in place starts even before the person joins. Maneesha Jha Thakur, group head HR, Edelweiss Financial Services shares, “Start from the time the offer is made, and send mails and other information about the organisation and business. On the day of joining, send a welcome SMS in the morning with the office ad dress, time of reporting and contact person. At work, the new joinees should be met by a HR representative who helps them through the joining process. All employees must have an appointed seat, a ready laptop, phone, access card and printed business cards. Within a month of joining, they must attend an induction programme where they are formally introduced to the organisation and its functions.“

The employee connect needs to be adopted and owned mutually by business and HR. A feedback format or platform needs to be well defined for effective encapsulation of the collected inputs. Asha Poluru, chief, people experience, Altimerik suggests, “To quantify feedback, an employee effectiveness survey can be used. This digitised tool captures the data of new employee experiences at every stage of an employee’s assimilation in the organisation by quantifying them on predefined parameters.“

A 30-day feedback if taken seriously , can help capture pain areas early in an individual’s tenure, reduce employee turnover, increase engagement and assist in brand building.

Source: Times Of India

Date: 17-06-2015

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