5 WAYS TO – Minimise Workplace Distractions

Distractions at the workplace abound in the form of co-workers engaged in loud conversation or even noisy office equipment. There are ways, however, that employees can plan their day and achieve professional goals despite these obstacles to productivity.Brinda Dasgupta shows how.

1 Use Technology

Organise your work intelligently and efficiently, and plan your daily schedule. “Use flags and reminders to help organise your day,“ said Rohit Sandal, director -HR, Lenovo India.“There are several project management apps also available to employees, who can use them to communicate, update tasks, share documents and keep track of project work.“

2 Restrict

Opportunity Avoid the chances of distraction completely. “Restrict access to social media, online shopping and trading during office hours,“ said Mukund Menon, director of HR and communications at International Paper, India.

3 Allocate Time

Learning to efficiently manage your time can cut down your distractions at the workplace to a large extent. Identify your high productivity hours and use them to reply to emails, complete pending projects and catch up on approaching deadlines.“Identify and use the low productivity hours to check on personal emails and texts,“ said Shilpi Shukla, HR head at Tolexo.

4 Exercise Self Discipline

Taking the decision to efficiently manage the way you work can go a long way in keeping your mind off distractions. Planning out how much time you need to spend on a project and working according to the schedule will be helpful. Also, “don’t feel compelled to arrange meetings for everything when a simple email, conversation or text message may suffice,“ said Sandal.

5 Promote Silence

Noise can affect your focus on tasks and impact productivity.Keeping phones in silent mode, and keeping IMs on offline mode during peak hours can be handy tools to make sure your mind is on your work, said Shukla.

Source: Economic  Times

Date: 16th June 2015

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