IT’S THE POST-APPRAISAL JOB SWITCH SEASON – Recruitment Firms Go on a Hiring Binge to Meet Demand

Recruitment firms are strengthening their hiring teams in anticipation of post-appraisal job shifts and a surge in client demand. Task forces are being prepared to take on the increase in job hopping within the next few months.

“We hired 100 recruiters in the past three months to manage new orders from ongoing contracts and in anticipation of more clients,“ said Ajit Isaac, chairman, Quess (formerly Ikya Human Capital Solutions).

To net the right candidates in the shortest possible time, the firm has rolled out a `Sniper Recruitment’ training programme wherein head hunters will be trained to identify the best candidate and ensure fewer dropouts. “To increase the wallet share, we have to increase the team,“ said Isaac, who had a team of 180 recruiters before the hiring binge.

The mandates for hiring agencies are expected from technology, infrastructure, oil and gas, aviation, BFSI and hospitality with e-commerce drawing the top slots.

Job switches peak in May-July after appraisal results are out in most companies. The acceptance of temporary employment in job-generating sectors will add to the surge as well.

“Staffing companies are spring boards during good times and shock absorbers in bad times. And acceptance of temporary staff by new industries like ecommerce has pushed the demand,“ says Ashok Reddy, co-founder, TeamLease Services. He added that the plain vanilla staffing firm has 100,000 temps on its rolls, with their year-on-year growth at 22%. In the past two months they hired 15 recruiters and a large chunk of them will focus on IT and ecommerce, said Rituparna Chakraborty, co-founder and senior vice president of TeamLease Services Quess too has 10,000 people working ecommerce alone and expects better times. “Year-on-year growth has been 35% and the numbers are growing dramatically,“ added Isaac.

Adecco India, which has around one lakh temps in India, hired over 20,000 of them in the first quarter of 2015 . “Our temp numbers are growing not only in terms of volume but also in terms of business mix. Our y-o-y growth has been positive and in line with our strategy of `quality growth’ (volumes plus margins),“ said Angelo Lo Vecchio, country manager and MD, Adecco India.

ABC Consultants anticipates that the IT industry will be its key growth area and has increased recruiters in this sector to 90 from 55. The company has 24 verticals that include specialised sections like sports and logistics.

The excitement is not just in staffing and recruitment companies. “The search market will see unprecedented growth once tech, infra and finance industries come into play ,“ said Atul Vohra, managing partner for Transearch India. The company has brought into its fold search firm HR Reflections this April and added four new partners to manage new mandates. Each partner has four to five head hunters in the team.

Source : Economic Times

Date : 19-05-2015

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