5 WAYS TO – Incorporate Fitness into Your Day

Many of us plan a fitness regime that falls through despite our being aware that a healthy mind and body boost productivity . While planning a day, other issues often take precedence, but the lack ofexercise brings in fatigue that kills one’s performance. Prachi Verma figures out how to incorporate a workable fitness regime.

1 Squeeze Fitness into your Routine

Never make paucity of time an excuse of skipping fitness. Remember, like others, you too get the same number of hours in a day. You juggle work and life just like others. It is within these 24 hours that you must seek some time out for fitness. Even on a day where you have back-toback assignments to handle, take time out.

2 Plan in Advance

A day before, prepare for the fitness regime. Zubin Mody, head of human resource at IndusInd Bank, keeps his shoes and tracks ready for his early morning walks. “When you make preparations in advance it helps you get out of bed easily,“ he says.

3 Set an Alarm

Set an alarm for early mornings or late eve nings -whatever time you choose. Especially for early morning alarms, clocks should be strategically placed far away from the bedside.This will discourage you from going back to sleep. Also, you can have repetitive reminders. This will surely nudge you to work out.

4 Discuss Fitness

Share your fitness regime with family and colleagues. This will encourage you to be more sincere in following it. Also, you can get some ideas from others. “Instead of looking up the internet and pondering over the kind of regimen you will require, start talking to your colleagues. You might come across brilliant time management practices from this networking,“ says Hema Mohandas, director -HR, Chennai ATC, Virtusa.

5 Balance your Workout and Diet

Following a balanced fitness regime is as essential as following a balanced diet plan. You do not have to go overboard. Take baby steps.Start with less exhaustingworkouts and gradually increase the levels. Work out at your pace. “You know your body better than anyone else. Redefine your limits for exercisingafter some days,“ says Mody. Importantly, watch what you eat. Many offices offer a choice of healthy food. Stick to the healthier options and eat at regular intervals.

Source : The Economic Times

Date : 19/12/2014

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