5 WAYS TO Colleagues from Wasting your Time

Getting some down time with colleagues makes one feel energised and engaged at work. But, constant chatter and interruptions could delay assignments and deadlines, leading you to become unproductive or callous. Anumeha Chaturvedi examines how you can prevent colleagues from wasting your time.

1 Plan Interruptions

It is important to constantly strive to build an image of a professional who is focused at work and disciplined, says Sanjay Singh, HR director at Cairn India. One could do that by limiting access to social networks, leaving work on time and through planned interruptions. “One way to ensure better productivity is asking people to send an instant message and check out the right time for discussion and therefore have a `planned interruption,“ suggests Mervyn Raphael, managing director of HR consulting firm People Business. Singh makes sure he lets people know he’s busy with a smile and that he will catch them later. “It’s important to catch them when you get some free time, so as not to sound inconsiderate and rude,“ says Singh.

2 Let Them Know Your Me-Time

One of Raphael’s coaches, a sales director in a large corporation, had this problem of managing his time due to constant drop-ins. He solved this problem by letting all his reports know his `me-time’ of one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.

3 Put Up `Do not Disturb’ Signs

Highlighting the busy icon on internal and other social networks will help convey your occupied state and put the point across.

“One can maintain a DND sign on instant messenger and most people tend to respect this unless it is urgent or an exigency,“ says Raphael.

4 Shut Out the Noise

Research conducted among 1000 UK workers by Jobsite.co.uk, one of the UK’s leading online recruiters, revealed that 70% of employees see their `9-to-5 buddies’ as the most important factor in enjoying their job. While workplace bonhomie is crucial to make employees feel engaged, constant needless chatter can be cited as the top most source of non-productivity by recruiters. Signalling your isolation by wearing headphones, shutting doors, and going to a quiet corner or the conference room, will let people know you shouldn’t be disturbed.

5 Set Expectations

Expectations can be set among colleagues, peers and with supervisors over time. Communicating the importance you attach to time, could help others become disciplined too. “This is can be done in a friendly, positive and humorous manner,“ says Raphael.

Source: The Economic Times ( Mumbai)

Date: 7th Nov,2014


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