Uncovered: The Major Power Players Behind CEO Decisions

Spouses are apparently a major influence in the professional lives of CEOs and business chiefs.

According to a new study from recruitment agency Adecco, close to 40% of CEOs and business owners claimed the sentiments of their spouse matter most to them when implementing huge business decisions.

In fact, for the majority of them, their wives and husbands are the maiden reference point when embarking on major decisions.

Joyce Russell, president of Adecco Staffing in the US, said that although CEOs and business owners have their own teams inside their firms to leverage on for input and advice, spouses play a unique part.

“You look towards your spouse as the one person that will always have your best interest at heart, and in many cases, the spouse has watched the progression towards the top, so he or she understands the variables at play,” Russell told Business News Daily.

“A spouse can be someone to discuss ideas or decisions off of without judgment or agenda. If you’re in a partnership with someone, you hold their thoughts and opinions very highly.”

Russell added that an outside view can be very positive if the person trusts the judgments of the other party.

“However, that being said, it shouldn’t be the only opinion to take into consideration when making decisions,” said Russell.

“A smart leader is someone who can see, hear and understand multiple angles to a challenge.”

In the study, business heads and owners also revealed that some departments play a bigger part in the success of their companies than others.

Over 40% of business owners and CEOs polled cited the financial success of their firms to customer service and sales staff over any other groups.

The study was administered based on surveys of 500 business owners and CEOs living in the US.

Source: HRM ASIA News
Date: September 3, 2014