5 WAYS TO – Deal with a Difficult Team Member

A non-cooperative team member can be detrimental to overall performance, adversely influencing the behaviour of the rest of the team. Rica Bhattacharyya finds out how to deal with such a person.

1 Spot Signs Early Observe signs early on. – “Procrastination, blaming others and not trying for self improvement are signs of a non-cooperative team member,“ says Sudhir Dhar, associate director and head -human resources and administration at Motilal Oswal Financial Services.

2 Tolerate or Counsel Them – One approach is to live with the fact that you are stuck with a bad apple, says Ruchi Sinha, assistant professor of business, organisational behaviour, ISB. The other option, she says, is to diplomatically give them feedback and use motivational techniques.

3 Build a Social Contract – Social contracts between team members have a motivating influence, says Sinha. “Teams can develop a document that lists all the key behaviours expected from members,“ she adds.

4 Manage by Delegation – One way to handle non-cooperative members is to assign them responsibilities where they can work in silos. “Else, give them tasks that can be worked on independently thereby reducing the amount of face-time required with such members,“ says Sinha.

5 Report Them to the Higher-Ups – If all these interventions have not helped, the best option is to report the member to the team leader for a re-assignment. “At times, prevention is better than cure. The teams need to develop better ways to screen members,“ says Sinha.

Source: Economic Times

Date: 12th August 2014

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