The 7 Deadly Sins for Job Hunters

I’m no stranger to Sydney’s job market. This is my fourth job hunt.

Anyone who’s new to Sydney will sympathise with me. It’s challenging to find out where one fits in a new country with a different corporate culture and what’s more, we’re amidst a great deal of economic changes.

Just take a look at the job titles. Many of those were not around a few years ago.

With that in mind, I wanted to share with you the 7 universal sins of job bunters in the hopes that it may aid you in finding your calling sooner.

Sin #1: Ignoring the Hidden Job Market

Exploring the hidden job market is as easy as asking your friends and family how work’s going. Maybe they need someone with your skills and background. Make sure that everyone in your social circles knows that you’re looking for a job. Being unemployed is nothing to be ashamed of.

Sin #2: Not Having a Transition Resume

It may be that your skills are no longer valid in today’s economy. In that case, make sure you can apply your soft skills to the new types of jobs that you’re seeing in the job market. Use some of the new keywords you’re seeing associated with the jobs you’re interested in and describe what you’re seeking as an objective in your transition resume.

Sin #3: Not Coaching Your Referees

Make sure your referees know what types of jobs you’re pursuing and that you agree on which achievements, strengths and weaknesses will be discussed should they be called.

Sin #4: Discussing Money too Early

Take some time to understand the role, the objectives and the employer’s needs before there’s any discussion of money. Your aim is to demonstrate that you value the work you’ll be doing and that you’re passionate about the role. This is what good employers look for.

Sin #5: Falling into the “Tell me About Yourself” Trap

The way to address this question should be to discuss the question of why you’re there and what you’re looking to do for the employer. Always relate this question to what your employer may be looking for in meeting some of their challenges.

Sin #6: Talking too Much

The talk you have with your potential employer should be limited to the scope of what you can bring to the company, initially. Once you develop better relationships, over a course of interactions, you can start opening up more.

Sin #7: Not Approaching Companies Directly

Don’t restrict yourself to job boards. Target a few companies you’d like to work for and check their websites and listings regularly.

I hope these are some good pointers for now and remember it’s only the job market. Nothing is as deadly for your career as not doing anything. Make sure you’re calling, meeting, talking and networking on a daily basis to attract those opportunities.

Feel free to try out new approaches and just approach anyone you think might be in a position to help you. This is the only way to learn and improve.

Good luck!


Source : LinkedIn


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