Five Ways to inspire your team members

At a time when an increasingly impatient generation is joining the workforce, and the rest are grappling with a gloomy economic outlook, a manager’s job has gone far beyond just getting the job done, to inspiring his team to commit, and innovate on a daily basis. Shreya Roy speaks to experts to find about ways to inspire your team. 
1 State the Purpose and Let your Team in on the Vision A team can’t function in void, without understanding what they are working towards. Paint the big picture for your team, and show them where their efforts are headed. “An inspiring leader is one who understands how to mobilise people towards a shared goal,” says Shilpa Vaid, senior vice president and head- HR, Bharti AXA General Insurance. 
2 Be Authentic and Show Courage With changing times, team members are not likely to respect a know-it-all. Managers today are also dealing with a generation that is more inquisitive, unafraid to ask tough questions. “Having humility, accepting what you can and can’t do, is necessary to inspire people around you. The current generation needs to see the real you,” says Vaid. 
3 Recognise and Encourage The new workforce has been raised in an environment where parents and schools spend more time in recognising their efforts. “When you walk down to your team members, recognise them for the good work they have done, and do it till it comes naturally to you,” says Mark Driscoll, Human Capital leader, PwC India. 
4 Be Empathetic and Respect Individual Differences Understand that not everyone is motivated by the same things. As a leader, it is your responsibility to understand what works for each of your team members. “Don’t be surprised if what works for you does not work for everyone else, and have patience for those who may not be driven by the same ambition as yours,” says Vaid. 
5 Walk the Talk 
A good leader not only shows the way, but also goes the way. Nothing 
    inspires a team more than seeing an energetic leader who is down in 
    the trenches, performing with the standards that he expects from his 
    team. “Do what you say, and walk the talk,” says Driscoll.


Source: Economic Times

Date: 9th May 2014 


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