5 Way to make job references work for you

Often coming at the fag end of the candidate assessment process, a good job reference could not just help you seal the deal with the desired employers, but could also cement and establish your strengths in their eyes. Anumeha Chaturvedi suggests how to make such references work for you. 
1 Choose Credibility Picking a reference who is respected and competent would help in establishing one’s own credibility in the eyes of the prospective employer. “Individuals who are well known for their competence, thought leadership and their ability to assess talent can work as great references,” says Nishchae Suri, partner and country head of people and change practice at KPMG. 
2 Try Variety A candidate could go for diverse and varied references, which could show the depth of one’s reach. “Usually, people give reference checks of peers or seniors. But at the senior levels, we also look for seeking references from subordinates as that throws some light on one’s leadership competencies,” said Dilip Misra, president and group head HR, JK Group. 
3 Get A Balanced View Go for a reference from someone who is familiar with what you do, knows you fairly well and gives a balanced view. “Choice of words is key. The person should be a good communicator, who positively represents the candidature and yet is honest about weaknesses or points of improvement,” says Suri. 
4 Tap Social Media With an increasing number of employers tapping professional and social networking sites, it makes great sense for a candidate to furnish authentic professional details on social media platforms. For instance at JK Group, in addition to cited references by candidates, the HR department relies on LinkedIn to tap contacts for questioning. 
5 Keep Referee Informed It is important to keep the referee updated about your job searches and inform them in advance before he/she could be approached by an employer, so that they are not caught off-guard. Both mails and phone numbers of referee should be clearly highlighted and listed in job application. “A reference has to be two things: responsive and accessible,” adds Suri.


Source : Economic Times

Date : 2/5/2014


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