“My employer health cover is enough” Group plans are useful, but not enough because of the terms and conditions.

DO YOU have medical insurance Most people in the organised sector are covered by group medical insurance from their employers. While such covers are definitely useful, they may not be enough. Group plans have too many strings attached and offer very low cover due to sub-limits on various heads. A person who depends only on his group medical cover is never fully covered. Besides, the cover is valid only till you are with a company. If you are between jobs, you and your family may not have any cover during the intervening period. The group health cover may also become invalid if the company fails to pay the premium or if the insurer pulls out of the contract. In both situations, the employee has little say in the matter. Moreover, not all employer-provided health policies offer protection to the entire family. If you have dependent parents, you will need to buy a separate health cover for them. In recent years, many companies have cut costs on health care by reducing the coverage or introducing restrictions.



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