Brand equity is not about companies alone. In a competitive and challenging work environment, it is important to demonstrate key traits that help you stand out and build your credibility in an organisation. Anumeha Chaturvedi takes you through the process of gaining a greater circle of influence.

1 Identify your Type
It is important to clearly identify how you wish to be perceived in the organisation, says T Muralidharan, founder and chairman of recruiting and HR services firm TMI. “It might be worthwhile to get associated with certain key words to understand how you wish to be remembered. Are you the functional guru, the networker or the team leader who mobilises people? Identify your type and work towards achieving that profile,” he says.
2 Focus on Current Deliverables In order to build a personal brand, you need a strong foundation and in this context, there is no escaping your current work. William Kofahl, VP, HR for India, Middle East and Africa at Emerson, says good companies always find and develop their best internal talent. “Ask yourself, ‘If I honestly compared myself to the people around me who do a similar job, would I really be considered the best?’ ”
3 Develop a Measurable Plan If some skill sets are missing to build a certain image, you need to develop a plan, says Kofahl. “Share your plan with your managers — let them know that you are constantly working to improve yourself. If you are really considered the best at what you do, volunteer to work on new projects or take on new and different assignments,” he says. Besides, you need to set clear, measurable outcomes to assess whether your strategies are working, adds Amit Nandkeolyar, assistant professor of organisational behaviour at ISB. “It could mean the number of professional associations that you regularly attend and contribute to, or cross-functional teams on which you were nominated to resolve some outstanding problems. The exact outcomes will depend on your job or industry,” he says.
4 Connect with your Superiors It is important to identify key professionals who can mentor you on an ongoing basis and help build your brand. This could be the boss, the boss’ boss, an HR manager or any other senior professional one trusts and respects. “One should demonstrate key attributes to these professionals as these are professionals who can propagate one’s skill sets and traits in the circles that matter,” says Muralidharan.
5 Build a Peer Network
While popularity is great for brand building, self-promotion and the attempts to gain greater visibility can also leave colleagues threatened. “It is important to find, nurture and develop a network of like-minded individuals who are passionate and are willing to back each other up. Having a social network helps prevent a social backlash from your colleagues,” says Nandkeolyar.

Source: The Economic Times
Date: 6th September 2013


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