Employability Factor: Education v/s Corporate Demand

A Better late then never recognition by the corporates, today Employability is the latest buzz word while scouting for the fresh talent.
An educated and trained workforce is essential if an organization wants to develop and maintain a viable growth. Most of the organizations particularly in Service sector are emphasizing for the fresh talent who is competent enough to produce results from “ Day One”.
With the current set of education system, the growing crevice between the education and the employer’s expectation seems inevitable at this point in time. This trend of course is not new to the sector but since there has not been much done to level the education methodologies to corporates expectations, employability today becomes a major challenge for most of the HR.
It is also been noticed & which is surly unfortunate, that today’s education (particularly higher education) is not able to produce the talent, which stood strong even on the basics. The Education “becomes an industry that end up producing the machines” (though this thought may not be correct for some institutes)
One of the other interesting outlook point out the need & will of corporates to establish strong training & development module. Though, majority of the companies today have full fledge training vertical, unfortunately being pushed by the management to curtail the time lines in training and utilize the talent in producing the numbers.
Recently, identifying the demands, some colleges started industry specific program, which has helped the corporates to discover the right candidate from the employability prospective, but there is still enough room to implement a lot of things on the same.
These sorts of program might help the corporates to accommodate the business demands for shorter timeframe but the bigger challenge of making the talent productive for longer time lies in the right and never ending training modules, which must be given at regular intervals.

By Abhishek Sharma- Co-founder – Talent Discoveri Consulting

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