5 WAYS TO Deal with Returning Employee

Rarely does an employee part ways with the company without misgivings. But there are a few who do not mind coming back. For the firm, it is a delicate place to be in — boasting that a prodigal son has returned could lead to doubts on retention policies, while giving the employee a lukewarm response would mean losing him or her again. Devina Sengupta explores ways to steer clear of these sensitive spots.
1 Set Clear Rules The company should be very clear on the timeline and increment before hiring a former employee. The salary increase should match what the employee would have received had he or she stayed with the company. “The company should make it clear to the others that there is a premium on staying back,” says Adil Malia, HR head, Essar.
2 Refer to the Exit Interview “When an employee leaves, the exit interview opens up a variety of possibilities. If the firm understands the disconnect and has made changes, then he or she can be brought back,” says Priya Chetty Rajagopal, principal consultant, business excellence – corporate initiatives for Stanton Chase India. If the reason for the employee leaving has not changed, the company should question his or her decision to return.
3 Reorient the Employee If the gap between two stints with the company is more than a year, an employee has to go through a reorientation. “He is no Rip Van Winkle who will wake up from sleep and start working. He will have to adjust to company’s new policies, rules and culture,” says Malia.
4 Check for Team Alignment Companies that bring back former employees have to keep a hawk’s eye on relationship status with former bosses and colleagues. It is best if both parties work in different teams but if that is not possible, the firm has to double check the fit. “No one is foolish enough to come back to a company they know they will not fit into. And in case they have to work under the same heads, it is safe to assume that there has been a rejig in the relationship,” says Rajagopal.
5 Use it as a Branding Exercise For many employers, having former employees come back is an excellent branding option. Infosys, in 2010, named the programme to re-hire former employees as ‘Green Channel’ and received 350 resumes in the first few months of it being rolled out.

Source :The Economic Times.
Date : 18/06/2013


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