Campus recruitment goofups revealed There are certain fundamental errors that organisations must avoid during campus recruitments, shares Sumit Sharma

Pre-placement talk is only to describe the job on offer:
AT the end of the process, you will indeed get some candidates interested in exploring an opportunity with you. But through the process, you have the ability to create a positive impression of your organisation, its work practices, its strategy and success in the market in the minds of an audience that is hyper-connected and influential. Open up the organisation and present it to the audience.
Hiring for grades versus hiring for
IN my view, organisations sometimes place excessive consideration towards work experience. ‘Brightness’ is a given – especially if you are in a reputed campus. What you must scout and select for is attitude.
Well-begun is work half done:
THE job isn’t even half done once you have hired the best and brightest minds you possibly can. The job really starts there. The first week is simply about orientation, settling hygiene matters, familiarisation with policies and practices and business strategies. Day one in your organisation should be a productive day. Recruiting an elite club:
DO you make special room for the big B-school graduates? If you do, it would be a disservice to them as much as it would be to your organisation. Instead, treat them as intelligent resources that augment your teams. Ensuring an underwhelming experience:
How often have we seen bright young trainees being made to tackle mundane jobs? Instead, why not utilise the talent you have attracted to fast-track live projects to which justice wasn’t being done for want of bandwidth or time? The author is Sumit Sharma, chief HR Officer, Uninor

Source :The Times of India.
Date : 08/05/2013


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