HCL to Inform Campus Hires of Joining Dates

HCL Technologies said that it will send out joining dates to students in August this year after Noida district magistrate on Monday instructed the company to come up with a plan of action within a week.
There have been nationwide protests by campus hires, some of whom have not got letters for as long as nine months. “We remain committed to have each individual with ‘letters of intent’ from HCL join us. We will start communicating the dates of joining in August 2013 or even earlier for positions across our lines of business,” the company said in a statement.
The statement added that immediate openings in HCL Infrastructure Services were posted on the website and candidates could either apply right away or await a date of joining in another line of business.
Even if candidates do not qualify for positions in the Infrastructure Services business, they would be eligible for an on-boarding date for positions in other lines of business in August, the statement said, in response to an email query asking about the veracity of such claims by students.
The protests were the result of a Facebook page bringing together some 6,000 engineering graduates across the country.
The page was created in 2011 to connect freshers who were offered jobs in HCL Technologies and promised a joining date by June 2012 after completing their graduation. It later morphed into a forum to protest against delay in joining dates.

Source : The Economics Times.
Date : 13/03/2013


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