Five ways to beat the blues, post holidays

1. Keep a day for Yourself

Plan your holiday in such a way that you dedicate a day to yourself before you join office. “Address your personal commitments. It will help you sink back to your work without feeling the pressure,” says Zacharias Cherian, country HR director – Agilent Technologies.

2. Share your Stories

Connect with your colleagues informally. Share your holiday experiences. “The story-sharing will help you get back your interest in work,” says Shalini Sarin, VP, HR, Schneider Electric.

3. Take Stock

Clearing e-mails needs to be one of the priorities when you return to work. “Take a day just to reply to those and figure out what has been going on while you were away,” says Cherian.

4. Get Back Slowly

Don’t immerse yourself in work the day you join. “Don’t get into meetings right away, instead prepare for them and then call for one,” says Sarin.

5. Prioritise

Address the most important issues first. Meeting one or two of your most valuable customers or taking stock of how much work is done on an important project, for instance. “It will give you a feeling of being in sync with what is happening around you as you get back,” says Cherian.


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