Five ways to use social media to your advantage

Every post on a social media platform draws comments that are up for public scrutiny, and therefore, managing it can be a good tool to align your career. ET suggests how you can do that.

Put up a Good Profile

Pallavi Bhatt, an HR official in a Bangalore-based retail firm, scans through LinkedIn profiles of probable candidates before an interview. “He should state his deliverable and achievements clearly,” says Bhatt.

Check What you Share 

Employees posting personal messages may not harm their image but any hint of work done with a client attracts attention. “The peer group and immediate seniors are quick to notice mistakes so be careful,” says Kedar Gavane, director Comscore.

Post Relevant Topics

Issues we bring to the fore on social media platforms become a parameter to measure us. Blog, discuss topics and post tweets that reflect what one reads, their thoughts, expertise and knowledge.

Build your Brand

Companies like Intel and WiproBSE 0.18 % have group heads discussing topics with juniors and peers on social networking sites. Participating in them can put you in the spotlight. So make sure yo u have the ideas in place.

Surf Wisely

Despite the advantages of being “active” on networking sites, surfing during work hours is best avoided. Keep in mind the organisation’s rules too.


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