Five Ways To… Make a Good Presentation

Five Ways To…
Make a Good Presentation

Presentations are de rigueur in the corporate world. Engaging the target audience with the right words is critical for success, says Anumeha Chaturvedi.

Practice Before Hand
While some people are confident of impromptu presentations, others are not. “Presenters should practice as much as they can before a presentation ,” feels Rajita Singh, HR head of Broadridge Financial Solutions. One may also make a note of questions that might be asked.

Keep it Simple
Since the primary motive of the presentation is to make a lasting impact, it should be simple. “Trying to use big words and corporate jargon is a baggage that professionals carry,” says Singh. “They should use simple words and back it with data instead.”

Use Non-verbal Cues
“More than 70% of our communication is through non-verbal means. Hence, the use of hands, eyes, and eyebrows is also important for effective communication,” says Ramesh Shankar, EVP and cluster HR head, South Asia at Siemens.

Evoke Emotions
Evoking positive emotions will engage the audience. “If the audience is primarily male, presenters could draw examples from the sports arena; if it is largely female, it could be about relationships,” says Singh.

End with a Catchphrase
“Ending one’s presentation with a popular catchphrase or a quote will make it memorable,” feels Singh. If half the people look or sound excited, your mission is accomplished.

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